Waterworks Lamson Guru 3

Waterworks Lamson Guru 3
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Waterworks Lamson Guru 3 - Series II

Steadfast and stylish, Guru has long set a standard as a rugged, fully USA-machined ultra-reliable reel at a great price

This season we’ve updated Guru’s spool geometry for enhanced retrieve rates, opened the porting to reduce weight and improve line drying, integrated the counterbalance and introduced a curved cross section arbor for structural stability.

Guru continues to prove that the quest for “enlightenment” can be anything but boring. Format: Large Arbor Materials: Machined 6061 Aluminum, stainless steel Finish: Type II Anodize US Made, Idaho Built.

Dia 95mm - Width 29mm - Weight 144g - Rod WT 7/8 - WF7 + Capacity 150 YDS 20#

Produktkode. WATIWCND30
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