Kinetic Drygaiter Vader + Rockhooper Vadesko

Kinetic Drygaiter Vader + Rockhooper Vadesko
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DryGaiter Breathable Wader

The modern and unique DryGaiter breathable waders are to be found in two colors. With mod- ern ideas comes modern design and colors. Camo wader´s doesn´t just look cool, they are perfect for "sniper fishing" for suspicious specimens like carp, pike, salmon or trout. Together with our AquaSkin jackets, your not just comfortable, but effective and almost invisible to the fish. Features like the Dusty Green waders.

  • Superb quality and features
  • Cool camo colors
  • Great movability
  • Modern design
  • Sewn gravel guards with hook

RockHopper Wading Boot

Give yourself the pleasure of protective and safe wading. RockHopper is a wading boot with a very trustworthy traction. The sole is made of durable felt. The toe area is well protected be- hind a thick rubber cap. The sidewalls are well protected. These boots will offer you great sup- port during you wading on river beds and gravel areas. RockHopper is a perfect companion for our great line of breathable waders.

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